Executive Coaching

We work with groups or individuals in organizations to provide corporate coaching to Executives and Professionals.

Executive Coaching has proven, time and time again, to reduce stress and build self-confidence in corporate clients; from middle managers to CEOs of companies and organizations. These changes increase work production and improve the quality of the workplace. Your corporation or organization will benefit from energized employees who increase their productivity and optimize their customer service.

Many successful corporations and organizations hire an Executive Coach.

Leadership Development Coaching

Organizations know that it is more cost effective to leverage existing strengths, and talent management of current employees by promoting within, rather than hiring out. Investing in an Executive Coach will empower your employees to develop leadership skills and foster the growth of your corporation, organization or group.

Succession Management

Succession planning is an important process that identifies high-potential employees, then trains and develops necessary skills that allow them to advance into executive positions successfully. “Replacement planning” is effective when put into practice early to plan for positions in various levels of management within a company. An Executive Coach provides the coaching and training necessary to accelerate the development of an emerging leader.

Interpersonal Conflicts Management

Do you have a highly productive manager, or talented technical employee that lacks people skills, or comes into conflict with other employees? Are you a CEO or CFO that has difficulty meeting productivity goals, or deadlines? Executive Coaching can assist you with developing managerial and leadership skills to deescalate interpersonal conflicts and capitalize on employee engagement, retention, and the bottom line.

Custom-Made Coaching Programs

We can design a custom program tailored for the specific needs of you or your corporation, organization, university, or group. Your program may include executive coaching, leadership training and development, internal marketing, monthly or quarterly site visits, seminars, and strategic consulting.

Coaching Services usually take place effectively by phone, but can be offered on site, during regular scheduled sessions.

According to a Corporate Coaching Study

  • 91% of managers said their program resulted in new behavior change(s) in their management style
  • 94% of managers said employee(s) benefited from the program
  • 97% of managers said their program increased their confidence as a manager
  • On average, managers estimated each program provided a 9% increase in their effectiveness as a manager, and a 9% increase in their employees’ effectiveness
  • Statistical rise in intrinsic motivation

–Study conducted by Linda Pfeifer, Ed.D

Phyliss Francis helped guide me to success by providing me with a winning plan to streamline strategy and operations during a time when the agency was going through a reduction in force.

In addition, she provided me with additional insight and guidance to accelerate my performance, while allowing me to conduct my own research, gather my own conclusions, and ultimately set my own paths. Indeed, she put in an extraordinary effort to help me become a top performer and as a result I was offered a high ranking position within the Department of Agriculture.

King J. Whetstone

Director, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) New York Field Office

Phyliss Francis is the executives’ dream.

Her holistic approach to coaching has placed me back on the road to centeredness and has given me the tools to control competing priorities so common to managers. I highly recommend Phyliss to those who wish to realize balance and see their dreams unfold in the present. Thank you for the gift.

Mark J. Campbell

Vice President, Bank of America Los Angeles, CA

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